Short Term Missions: Application Form

Please answer the questions as completely as you can.

Please complete each item using this online form, then click "Continue and Pay Online" at the bottom. You will receive another web page address by email to copy/paste/follow where you can submit your US$15 application fee via PayPal.


General Information

All fields in this section are required (*) even if you have traveled with e3LG before:

If you have already taken an international mission trip with us, you do not need to complete the following sections.

Please skip to the bottom of this form and complete the last three (required) sections to agree to the mission-travel conditions.


Spiritual Background


Skills; Short Description

Medical Information

(please be accurate and specific)

Emergency Contact Information


Please give the name, address and telephone number of three references (one from your pastor, and the other two from family or close friends).
Also, please download and print out this PDF form, a short questionnaire which your references should complete and return soon.


Final Points of Agreement

1) Overseas missions are dependant upon the teams serving in a united manner both together and with the receiving church/ministry. While there are needs requiring appeal of direction or action, the witness of the team (as seen in John 13:34-35) is as important to the effectiveness of the mission as the labor itself. Following leadership is a key component of that unity. Below is a declaration of your commitment to Biblical submission:

"I understand the importance of following the leadership of both my team leader and any in-country leaders for this mission trip. I am committed to submitting to their Biblical leadership and following all team directives."

I Accept Paragraph 1

2) This mission trip will undertake a project to eternally benefit the people of the city and country where your team will serve. While the project may focus on any number of different objectives, it will be imperative that each team member dedicate themselves to the equipping, roles, and on-site efforts with full dedication. As such, an agreement of mission commitment is given here:

"I recognize that the mission project on which I serve has significant spiritual implications. Therefore, I commit to engage fully in all equipping times and material, in whatever role I am asked to play and in the itinerary of activities for our mission team while on-site."

I Accept Paragraph 2

3) Leaders of the e3 Leadership Group are excited about the work God is doing overseas, and encouraged by people who are willing to go and serve those of other nations. e3LG takes very seriously the responsibility for the care and protection of each short term team (STM) member during the time of the scheduled trip. However, if an STM team member chooses to extend his/her time of travel, or to engage in activities outside the scope of the STM, either before, during, or after the scheduled STM trip, then e3LG will not be responsible for those expanded travels or activities. The following is given as your statement of release from liability:

"I release e3LG, all of its agents and other persons and/or organizations, from any and all liability that may result from travel and/or activities beyond or outside the scope of the scheduled STM trip."

I Accept Paragraph 3


If this will be your first trip with e3LG, please download, print, then give this PDF form, a short questionnaire to your three references noted above. Return completed forms to us as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding this application or the trip, please contact ChingYu Wang, STM coordinator at +1 (816) 308-9988 or Carla at +1 (816) 820-1018.

After clicking the "Submit ..." button below, please go to the address shown for the next page so you can submit your US$15 (non-refundable) application fee by using PayPal.

ALSO NOTE: If the form displays an error message after you try to submit once, please wait a bit and try the same button again. Sometimes the servers are very slow to process our applications!


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