Leader Development

Courses Available to e3 Leaders in Training


1. The Healthy Leader Compass:
A hands-on seminar consisting of eight qualities of a healthy church and also a focus on healthy leader development.

2. Joshua – The Making of a Leader:
A course on how God raised Joshua into a healthy leader and then an excursion into the Book of Joshua chapters 1-12 that follows twelve leadership principles to help you design a journey to move the people of God into experiencing the fullness of His blessing.

3. Building Healthy Leaders – 3 Day Course:
A course from Leader Source in the ConneXions model of defining and developing healthy leaders centered in Jesus Christ.

4. Doing Design – 2 Day Course:
This is the second part of the Building Healthy Leaders course in designing leader development in your context working out the principles in the first course.

5. Building A Healthy Team:
A seminar in helping you and your team in developing and deepening your team.

6. Building Healthy Small Groups:
A seminar designed to help you start, build and reproduce healthy small groups.

7. Leading Well:
A seminar helping you diagnose your leadership around four essentials areas.

8. Leading From the Heart:
A seminar on growing your team at the speed of trust.

9. The 7 C’s of A Healthy Marriage:
A marriage seminar based on 7 essential relational principles.

10. Heaven Help the Home:
A marriage and family seminar designed to help you work through marriage and parenting issues.

11. Table Talk Apologetics:
An engaging seminar discussing why Christians believe what they believe and how to live it.

12. EPIC – Old Testament and New Testament Overview:
A seminar taking you through the Big picture and meaning of the Bible.

13. Has God Spoken? Inspiration of the Scripture and Biblical Interpretation Principles:
A seminar on why you can have confidence in the Bible as the Word of God and how to interpret it well.

14. Transformational Public Speaking:
A practical seminar on how to speak effectively as a Christ-centered-truth speaker.

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