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Our mission is to build healthy indigenous leaders, which results in disciples making disciples and church plants, to reach the neglected people groups in Asia.

Asia Cross-Cultural Projects

e3lg promotes and leads cross-cultural missions both within the United States and internationally. e3lg coordinates Short-Term Missions (STM).

Taiwan  |  East Asia  |  China  |  Nepal


Activities Typically Include:

  • Teaching English as a second language
  • Gospel camps
  • Cross-cultural exchange programs
  • Creative missions

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Why Taiwan?

Taiwan’s Population: 23 million and yet only 2-5% of the population is Christian. Christianity is a minority religion in Taiwan following Buddhism, Ancestor worship and Chinese folk or tribal religions.
Taiwan’s government is a Constitutional Republic with a President, Parliament. It has free elections and there is freedom of religion. Taiwan calls itself the Republic of China (ROC).
The spiritual need is great — “everyone has equal worth but not everyone has equal opportunity to hear the Gospel.” We want to be a small part of introducing Taiwanese to the wonder of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What will we do? We have four objectives …

English Summer Kids’ Camp:

We will partner with two Taiwanese churches to teach English to kids up through middle school and maybe high school. This is a pre-evangelistic opportunity to help serve the churches to reach their community.

Orphanage Projects:

We will continue to work with an orphanage where we serve the kids’ needs; orphanage building projects; help them develop various skills.

Leader Development Trek:

As a team along with some Taiwanese, we will hike Taiwan mountain trails. This will be a team-building and leader training exercise.

Taiwan tour to introduce us to Taiwanese culture and the spiritual darkness:

This will give us a hands on opportunity to learn about Taiwan’s history, culture and spiritual needs. This is an eye opening experience that will help our team know how to pray and engage.

When will we do it?

Depart? To be finalized: Late June into early July, for two weeks.

Who should join?

Are you fit to travel and hike in mountains?
Do you want your faith to grow?
Do you like adventure?
Do you want to help reach the “unreached” people groups with the Gospel?

What will it cost?

Depending on airfare — approximately $2,300.
If interested in this trip, please use the STM Volunteer Application for all trips.
There is a $15 non-refundable fee required for each application, processed through PayPal.

All of the Following Trips Have Been Postponed . . .

Why Nepal?

“We’re a group of Nepalese and internationals who love adventure and the people of Nepal – especially the people. We think everyone should experience the beauty of this nation and help the people while they are here. Through responsible travel, we believe community partnerships result in a better life for everyone. We want to leave Nepal better than we arrived. We think you do too.” – FIVE 14 Nepal


“The land-locked nation of Nepal between China and India was, until 2006, the world’s only officially Hindu nation, with 86 percent of the population being Hindu and only 0.6 percent Christian. Today, Christians make up 2.8 percent of the population while Hindus account for 75 percent.” — Joshua Project 


“Famous for its high peaks and wind-whipped prayer flags, Hindu-majority Nepal used to be a nation unreached by Christianity. Now the country has one of the fastest-growing Christian populations in the world.” — World Christian Database


“GC Ministries is Global Commission to fulfill Great Commission by using Global Communication and living Great Commandment in the Global Community for the Glory of Christ.– GC Ministries

What Will We Do?

March, 20XX Trip:

Partner with FIVE 14 Nepal as well as GC Ministries and Grace Church (a Nepali church). We will teach, train, and mentor Nepali entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses using the FIVE 14 Nepal model.

A focus for this trip will be on the expansion of the Nepali-run coffee operations called “Kairos Café” including farming, a roastery, distribution, and additional café locations.

Fall, 20XX Trip:
Partner with a Grace Church (a Nepali Church) and/or Nepali organizations like FIVE14. We trek to mountain villages where much exploitation has taken place, and engage the villagers with community projects.

We help with community development and serve to meet needs. (example: We conducted an eye clinic and gave out over 80 pairs of eye glasses. We also have assisted in transforming the HOPE NEPAL Children’s Home into an “Airb&b”, and also a training center.)

When will we do it?

Depart:  March 13, 20XX.
Return:  March 23, 20XX.
Depart:  October 23, 20XX.

Who should join? 

Are you fit to travel?
Do you want your faith to grow?
Do you like adventure?
Do want to help reach the unreached people groups with the Gospel through building businesses and jobs for the unemployed and exploited people of Nepal?

What will it cost?

Depending on airfare — either trip is approximately $2,500.

Next steps …

If interested, please use the STM Volunteer Application for all trips.
There is a $15 non-refundable fee required for each application, processed through PayPal.

Previous Short-Term Missions by e3lg …

Gospel camps, discipleship camps, campus outreach.

Partner with Asian churches for missions in East Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and 13 other cities.

Teams went in May and late June to help with T4T outreach, group launching, and encouragement.

Seven days guided around Taipei by non-Christian college students seeking to learn about our culture and beliefs. Relational evangelism and T4T.

Alpha team focused on a children’s home after a 1-day hike into the mountains. Team Omega hiked into the mountains for 6 days to meet and mingle with villagers.

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