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Our mission is to build healthy indigenous leaders, which results in disciples making disciples and church plants, to reach the neglected people groups in Asia.

Course Available to e3 Leaders in Training

  1. The Healthy Leader Compass:
    A hands-on seminar consisting of eight qualities of a healthy church and also a focus on healthy leader development.
  2. Joshua – The Making of a Leader:
    A course on how God raised Joshua into a healthy leader and then an excursion into the Book of Joshua chapters 1-12 that follows twelve leadership principles to help you design a journey to move the people of God into experiencing the fullness of His blessing.
  3. Building Healthy Leaders – 3 Day Course:
    A course from Leader Source in the ConneXions model of defining and developing healthy leaders centered in Jesus Christ.
  4. Doing Design – 2 Day Course:
    This is the second part of the Building Healthy Leaders course in designing leader development in your context working out the principles in the first course.
  1. Building A Healthy Team:
    A seminar in helping you and your team in developing and deepening your team.
  2. Building Healthy Small Groups:
    A seminar designed to help you start, build and reproduce healthy small groups.
  3. Leading Well:
    A seminar helping you diagnose your leadership around four essentials areas.
  4. Leading From the Heart:
    A seminar on growing your team at the speed of trust.
  5. The 7 C’s of A Healthy Marriage:
    A marriage seminar based on 7 essential relational principles.
  6. Heaven Help the Home:
    A marriage and family seminar designed to help you work through marriage and parenting issues.
  1. Table Talk Apologetics:
    An engaging seminar discussing why Christians believe what they believe and how to live it.
  2. EPIC – Old Testament and New Testament Overview:
    A seminar taking you through the Big picture and meaning of the Bible.
  3. Has God Spoken? Inspiration of the Scripture and Biblical Interpretation Principles:
    A seminar on why you can have confidence in the Bible as the Word of God and how to interpret it well.
  4. Transformational Public Speaking:
    A practical seminar on how to speak effectively as a Christ-centered-truth speaker.


e3 is a US-based resource ministry to like-minded ministries and churches seeking to influence Asia for Christ.
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