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We normally travel to East Asia four times per year for three weeks or four weeks at a time. However, we’ve added a new annual trip in late December and early January, to provide another strategic opportunity for college-age students to join us in our cross-cultural projects!


Here is a sample itinerary from just one extensive summer trip …

    • Trekking with Chinese college students to share life on life. (Three days)
    • Working with a company owned by someone who is reaching the unreached people groups. We will be planting cherry trees and interacting with these dear people with our personal stories, sharing time with them. (Five days)
    • Conducting a “Movie Camp” on the theme of Love Story. We are using three stories! We’ll act out each story and turn it into a movie. Each group will share life lessons from each movie. (Four days)
    • Leading a week-long English language camp with some history interwoven into the curriculum. We also will journey along a well-traveled trail to learn about the history of cultural interaction in Asia. (Five days)
    • We will meet with a number of our Asian friends to encourage, strengthen their scope as we visit historic sites. (Four days)
    • We will conclude with a kind of training camp in yet-another city. (Five days)


Invest in e3 and help support travel to similar destinations, as well as first-hand work the team members undertake.

Any donation is welcomed! We will be blessed by one-time donations as well as recurring, monthly support.

NEW! It is now possible to submit a donation to e3 by completing a couple basic “text” functions on your smartphone.
Send “GIVE” to 816-323-0713 and get started.





Using the “Donate” button below, you can also provide ongoing support for a specific e3LG missionary.

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Notes for Recurring Payments:

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  2. PayPal automatically debits a monthly amount from your account; it will forward to the individual recipient you choose (if any) from the list of options.
  3. Recurring donations do require a PayPal account, but you will have the option to create one during this secure donation process.
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All donations from US supporters are fully tax deductible.
You can also mail support directly to our office:

e3 Leadership Group
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