Asia Cross-Cultural Projects

e3lg promotes and leads cross-cultural missions both within the United States and internationally. e3lg coordinates Short-Term Missions (STM) to East Asia.


Activities Typically Include:

  • Teaching English as a second language
  • Gospel camps
  • Cross-cultural exchange programs
  • Creative missions

STM Volunteer Application

Application deadlines: January 25, 2019 for all SUMMER projects, and July 26, 2019 for all WINTER projects.


2019 East Asia Short-Term Mission Schedule

EAST ASIA: SUMMER 2019 EXPEDITION — Exploring the Orient

Experience the sights and history of East Asia in two Asian countries through sports camps, language camps, trekking mountains, “redeeming the dirt” through organic farming . . .

Dates: June 27 to July 23, 2019 (tentative, 2 weeks minimum)
Cost: estimated — $3800 per person

If interested, please use the STM Volunteer Application before January 15, 2019

The Purpose of 2019 summer cross-cultural projects is twofold:  

1. To have a cross-cultural experience where we will meet with Asians in various settings to learn about their world view and share a biblical worldview. We will listen to their stories, share our salvation story and, as the Lord permits, share Jesus’s story – the Gospel.

2. This is also a leader training experience with our team. We will learn about servant leadership through serving, meeting needs and discipleship discussions along our journey.

We will be engaging in trekking/backpacking discipleship and evangelistic adventures; English language camps; working with minority people groups in rural areas.

Our travel dates will be June 27 through July, 2019. Team members may join a two-week version or participate the entire time.

Questions: Doug Brown


More East Asia Project Opportunities on the Horizon!

Japan: 15 Days
Early June, 2019  – est. $2500.00

Central Japan Evangelistic Outreach and follow up around Nagoya: Gifu, Ena, Yokkaichi, Kyoto, Osaka.
Contact Mark Groff –

East Asia: 15 Days
July 5-20, 2019  – est. $3000.00

English Camp, language camp, children and cross generations.

Taiwan: 10 Days
Early July, 2019  – est. $2500.00

Contact Doug Brown –

East Asia Winter 2020, Hong Kong + Creative Access Country
December 28 , 2019 to January 18, 2020  – est. $3000.00

Gospel camps, discipleship camp + campus outreach.

East Asia Project card/flyer (PDF)

Mission: NEPAL, October — November 2019


Why Nepal?

“The land-locked nation of Nepal between China and India was, until 2006, the world’s only officially Hindu nation, with 86 percent of the population being Hindu and only 0.6 percent Christian. Today, Christians make up 2.8 percent of the population while Hindus account for 75 percent.”
— Joshua Project


“Famous for its high peaks and wind-whipped prayer flags, Hindu-majority Nepal used to be a nation unreached by Christianity.  Now the country has one of the fastest-growing Christian populations in the world.”
— World Christian Database


What will we do?

Partner with FIVE14 and Trek to mountain villages where much exploitation has taken place, and engage the villagers with community projects. (Last year we held an eye clinic and gave out over 80 eyes glasses.)

Host an eye clinic at the Hope Nepal Children’s Home. We will also be assisting in transforming the Children’s Home into and “Airb&b” and a training center. 

When will we do it?

Depart:  October, 25th into early November.

Who should join? 

Are you fit to travel?
Do you want your faith to grow?
Do you like adventure?
Do you want to help reach the unreached people groups with the Gospel?

What will it cost?

Depending on airfare — approximately $2,500.

Next steps …

If interested, please use the STM Volunteer Application.


Previous Short-Term Missions by e3 Have Included:

Gospel camps, discipleship camps, campus outreach.

Partner with Asian churches for missions in East Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and 13 other cities.

Teams went in May and late June to help with T4T outreach, group launching, and encouragement.

Seven days guided around Taipei by non-Christian college students seeking to learn about our culture and beliefs. Relational evangelism and T4T.

Alpha team focused on a children’s home after a 1-day hike into the mountains. Team Omega hiked into the mountains for 6 days to meet and mingle with villagers.

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